BLU Restaurant & Lounge


When it's time for BLU

Relax in style, in the right ambience for your evenings out: BLU's lounge bar is a modern, welcoming open space, separated into different areas in order to give you the atmosphere you are seeking, whether intimate or convivial. The bar is on the upper floor, overlooking the restaurant and with a view of the lake.

Why not try the trendiest drinks or relive the golden age of cocktails? Let barman Fausto guide you in tasting drinks or spirits typical of the eighties. Cocktails are mixed or shaken using local products and innovative ingredients such as liquorice, ginger or preserves. Some drinks are already a success, like “BLU Edition", made with fresh fruit, and “Tintoretto, a real anti-aging knockout, much appreciated by our female clientele.

To go with your drinks there are mouth-watering snacks prepared in the BLU kitchen. The focacce cooked in our wood-fired oven can be garnished with sauces, spices and a variety of other ingredients such as vegetables, miniature mousses or truffled salami. But if you are looking for still more unusual and amazing flavours, the exotic bar offers irresistible sushi-based recipes, prepared by an expert oriental chef.